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Production Company
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Property Owner
Address: 415 Silver Ave. SW, 8th Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102
City: ALBUQUERQUE State: NEW MEXICO Zip: 87102
Phone: (505) 220-1537 Fax: (505) 462-9813 Email:
Contact Person
Name: Sulema Lenz
Office Location: 415 Silver Ave. SW, 8th Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Department: Economic Development Position: Film Liaison Phone: (505) 220-1537 Email:
Fee Schedule
Prep Fee: $500.00 per day Strike Fee: $500.00 per day Shoot Fee: $1000.00 per day
Bobby Foster Fee: $1500.00 per day Open Spaces Shoot Fee: $2000.00 per day Base Camp Fee: $500.00 per day
BOBBY FOSTER TOTAL: $ Open Spaces Prep Fee: $750.00 per day BASE CAMP TOTAL: $
Storage Fee: $1500.00 per week Open Spaces Strike Fee: $750.00 per day Misc. Fees:
MDC: $2000.00 per day MDC Prep Fee: $750.00 per day MDC Strike Fee: $750.00 per day
Parks & Recreation
Shoot Fee: $1500.00 per day
Parks & Recreation
Prep Fee: $750.00 per day
Parks & Recreation
Strike Fee: $750.00 per day
Additional days/weeks/months will be billed by County at above stated rates.
Notes and Adjustments:
Additional Terms
Bathroom supplies are the responsibility of Production Company. Parking on the property is only availalbe when scheduled two days in advance.
In the event that the County declares an official disaster/emergency, the Production Company must vacate the premises within 4 hours. A general cleaning consisting of sweeping and/or vacuuming, mopping, and trash removal of all areas is required upon completion of use.
In Witness Whereof, County and Production Company make this Location Agreement on the Terms above and the Standard
Terms on Page 2 as of the Effective Date.
The Undersigned warrant that the Undersigned is duly authorized to enter into this Location Agreement. The Undersigned's signature binds County and Production Company to all terms of this Location Agreement.
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By checking this box, I signify that I am authorized by the Production Company to sign this Location Agreement on its behalf and the Production Company agrees to abide by all terms of this agreement once approved
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