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Please fill in a search criteria and press the 'Search' button.  You may filter your search by any of the indicated data.  For example, if you search for the name 'smith' and a date of filing between '01/01/2000' and '01/01/2001', only those cases that were filed in the year 2000 that start with the name 'smith' will be returned.  Searches automatically include a wildcard at the end of the search for you.  So searching on 'Wat' would return 'Watson, Waters, etc'.  To specify additional wildcards in your search, use the percent sign (%).  For example, typing in '%thers' would return any name with the substring 'thers' in it, such as Weathers, Corothers, Mathers, etc.  Please note that when searching by name you must specify at least one of the three boxes by the name field -- decedent, attorney, personal representative -- in order for results to be found. To clear your search criteria for a new search, press the 'Clear' button.

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After searching for a case, you may see further details of the case by using the link buttons on the search grid next to the case.  For example, if you would like to see all filings for case XX-XXXX, click on the 'Filings' link to the right of that case # in the search grid.  You may also view detailed party information by clicking the 'Parties' link, or use the 'Docket View' to see a summary of the entire case.  When viewing the detailed filings, parties, or docket information, a menu will appear to the left of the page which you can use to navigate back to the search screen.  You will also see options that will allow you to navigate to the filings/parties/docket view screens without having to search again.
Search Tip: Enter last name only without punctuation to start your search. To narrow your search, type last name, first initial or first few letters.
You must insert a comma and space after the last name or records will not be found. Use no other punctuation.   Example:  Smith, John D
To broaden your search or if you are unsure of the spelling of the name, type one letter. This will give you all names starting with that letter.
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